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Our community approach to recovery.

We are so lucky to have a passionate and engaged community who have wholeheartedly wrapped their arms around each other during and after Gabrielle ripped through our midst.

The community came together immediately to rescue and support each other and have continued to evolve and adapt our response to meet the needs of our neighbourhoods.  

Our immediate community response included rescue, evacuation and welfare with an evacuation centre, response coordination and missing person register. 


This then moved to a strong volunteer lead response to meet the immediate welfare needs of the wider community, including welfare checks, delivery drops, volunteer co-ordination and communication. 

As a community, we have now formed a series of Working Groups to continue to support the community throughout its recovery. The leads for these groups put their hands up to help following a series of community focus groups.

The Bay View Community Charitable Trust have agreed to act as an umbrella organisation for the Working Groups. A long-standing community charity, the Trust is responsible for holding, distributing and accountability of any raised funds. They also provide support and guidance around the development of community recovery projects.

We will continue to adapt to meet the needs of the community as the recovery moves forward over the coming months and years. The needs of our community are varied and we understand that there is a long road ahead.


You can read more about our work, the needs of the community and our recovery priorities in the community needs assessment below.

Community Need Assessmen
Working groups

Our Community Working Groups


Louise Parsons

Advocates for improved community security.


Luke O'Connell & Rich Payne

Coordinates and advocates for river care and community clean-up.


Mel Swayn

Shares Working Group progress and other important info with the communities. Builds links with other communities.


Linda Paterson

Liaises with Councils to ensure our community's voice is heard throughout decision making processes.


Jenny Dodds

Sources funding for community projects and leads community needs assessments. Lead is a Trustee to ensure accountability.


Daniel Gale

Develops community emergency plans, including evacuation processes, in collaboration with Civil Defence where necessary.


Greg Miller

Highlights community welfare needs and leads projects to improve welfare and mental health.

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