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Bay View Pub
43 Petane Road


Wednesday 5.30-6.30pm
Saturday 8:30-9.30am

Our Tool Library works like a regular library - instead of books, we lend tools. At a time when many people have lost so much, we hope the Tool Library will support our community to rebuild and repair. Rather than having to buy all new tools, you can borrow what you need - from wheelbarrows to drills to chainsaws. Sharing tools in this way is also more environmentally friendly and creates a new way for our community to come together. 



Members must be residents of Bay View, Eskdale, Whirinaki or Tangoio (or if displaced, consider our community home) and over the age of 18. Members need to sign the Borrower's Agreement and Waiver to join - you can read them here. 

Membership Fees

Annual membership: $50

3 month membership: $25

Hire costs

Most tools are free to hire for 7 days with your membership. Others come with an additional cost per 7 day rental period to cover maintenance:

Battery tools: $2

Chainsaw & safety gear: $40

Petrol tools (including petrol and oil): $15

Trailer: $20 per day

Our Tool Library is managed by the Bay View Community Charitable Trust. It is not-for-profit - membership fees go towards covering the costs of running the library.

How it works


You will a valid credit card or eftpos card to join.

You will also need to sign the Borrower's Agreement and Waiver.


Browse our collection of tools and reserve up to 5 tools for 7 days at any one time. 

You can also reserve tools at the library when it is open if you prefer.


Collect your reserved tools when the library is open. We are cashless so you will need to be a library member to collect - the team can help you register if you need.


Return your tools clean and on time. 

Please use the tool as if your own, and operate them safely. When you check tools out, we’ll help make sure you are confident to use them. Late fee: $1 day/day (per item).

Borrower's Agreement

We kindly ask that our members always show respect for our tools and volunteers.

Before borrowing any tools, our members must read and accept our Borrower’s Agreement. To read the Agreement, click below.

Liability Waiver

We also ask that members sign a Liability Waiver - committing to using tools in a safe way. We provide necessary safety equipment with our tools and give a safety briefing where needed. To read the Waiver, click below.

Get involved

Get Involved


Our Tool Library depends on volunteers to keep things running. If you would liike to join the team, please get in touch.


Donate Tools 

If you have tools in good condition that you no longer require, we would love to have them! You can take them along whenever the Library is open or get in touch to arrange collection/drop-off.

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